• Vishal Verma, Dr. Neha Mathur, Dr. Atul Loomba


A regular examination of an employer's contribution to the organization's growth is described as performance appraisal. Organizational growth can be defined in terms of the number of employees, the number of sales made, and the volume of sales made. It can also be measured in terms of sales volume, and from a human resource management standpoint, the performance of employees should be measured. Staff performance should be evaluated on a regular basis. The analysis of employee performance on a quarterly basis is highly recommended; it assesses the employee's abilities, achievement, and growth.The study was conducted to determine how effective the appraisal system is in the manufacturing sector. Typically, in the service industry, it is quite simple to measure service quality provided by employees because neither the customer nor the client provides feedback, whereas in the manufacturing sector, the employer must go to great lengths to implement various types of appraisal systems. The study's goal is to look into the performance appraisal system for managers in the manufacturing industry.To investigate the effectiveness and make HR-related recommendations. Employee acceptability and satisfaction with the appraisal process increases significantly when employees have a meaningful part in the process. An effectively done appraisal process will result in better employee placement, role clarity, and job happiness, all of which are important motivators for employees. Keywords: Sales Volume, Appraisal, HR Perspective, performance management.
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