• Sudhanshu Atkare, Aniket Giri Goswami, Gaurav Singh, Aditya Upadhyay, Lucky Yadav, Ajinkya Phatak


This project is developed for the users to rotate the rear wheel of a two wheeler using propeller shaft. Power transmission through chain drive is the oldest and widest used method in case of bicycle. In this paper we implemented the chainless transmission to the bicycle to overcome the various disadvantages of chain drive. Shaft drives were introduced over a century ago, but were mostly supplanted by chain-driven bicycles due to the gear ranges possible with sprockets and derailleur. Recently, due to advancements in internal gear technology, a small number of modern shaft-driven bicycles have been introduced. Usually in two wheelers, chain and sprocket method is used to drive the back wheel. The shaft drive only needs periodic lubrication using a grease gun to keep the gears running quiet and smooth. A shaft driven bicycle is a bicycle that uses a shaft drive instead of a chain which contain two set of roller bearing at both the ends to make a new kind of transmission system for bicycle for getting high reliability system, and more safe system. Shaft-driven bikes have a pinion style drive shaft system where a conventional bike would have its chain ring. Pinion meshes with another roller bearing mounted on the drive shaft. The use of roller bearing allows the axis of the drive torque from the pedals to be turned through 90 degrees. The drive shaft then has another roller bearing near the rear wheel hub which meshes with a pinion on the hub where the rear sprocket would be on a conventional bike, and cancelling out the first drive torque change of axis. ∙ According to the direction of motion of pedal, the wheel will be moved forward or reverse. This avoids the usage of chain and sprocket method. This “chainless” drive system provides smooth, quite and efficient transfer of energy from the pedals to the rear wheel. It is attractive in look compare with chain driven bicycle. It replaces the traditional method.
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