• Parul Agarwal


As we as a whole realize that environmentalism has turned into the mark of conversation everywhere. Everybody is thinking about becoming green and natural well disposed. Everybody is attempting to decrease their effect on climate. Everyone needs their current circumstance to be perfect and solid. Business firm have additionally begin thinking about this issue and have begun to react to the diverse ecological concerns. They need to fulfill needs and needs of the client yet in a naturally feasible way. This unexpected change in conduct has lead to the origin of green showcasing. With this paper I have attempted to clarify the idea of green showcasing and regular advertising. This paper depends on auxiliary information gathered from various sources which incorporates research paper by various analysts, articles, diaries, meeting procedures, periodicals, course readings and web. This paper principally centers around the idea of green advertising and furthermore examines the reason behind distinction among traditional and green showcasing. It additionally centers on creation and advancement of eco-named items and administrations. This paper investigates the difficulties looked by green advertisers and recommends diverse approaches to conquer them. This paper help in making better comprehension about present market situation and help in affecting clients and money managers to pick green promoting over customary advertising.
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Parul Agarwal. (1). A STUDY ON DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL MARKETING VS GREEN MARKETING. ACCENT JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS ECOLOGY & ENGINEERING ISSN: 2456-1037 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL IF:7.98, ELJIF: 6.194(10/2018), Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal, UGC APPROVED NO. 48767, 6(11), 07-12. Retrieved from https://ajeee.co.in/index.php/ajeee/article/view/2207