• Dr. Neeti Bhola


The whole world has witnessed rapid and drastic transformation in educational structure, pedagogy and teaching methodology since the inception of computer and world wide web. Computer has become an essential audio visual tool for classroom teaching and a central pre-requisite for online distant mode of learning. It has completely changed the meaning, methods and techniques of teaching and has made it more learners based and student centric. Whatever it be, normal condition for distance learning or online learning in current scenario of pandemic, knowledge of computer and its different applications is a must for every instructor and learner. The aim of the present study is to assess level of computer literacy of undergraduate college students. In India accessibility of computers and laptops is still very low. The same is true for internet connection. For the present study 175 undergraduate students of Varanasi district were selected to examine their perceived computer literacy levels and different factors that affect it. Findings confirmed that student’s perceived computer literacy level is low. The factors affecting computer literacy reported by students were slow internet, unavailability of computer, lack of training and motivation. Keywords: Computer literacy, perceived difficulties, Rural undergraduates.
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