• Ms. Sameera. V, Dr. M. Latha


English is an international language and it is very important to a learner to learn it from its roots. English as a Second language helps the learner to communicate with the people in an efficient way. Here, language laboratories help a student to improve pronunciation and speaking skills. These labs also help the student to learn Phonetics and speech sounds which assist them to comprehend the roots of English language. And these skills aid them in their future. During this pandemic online class becomes common in every student’s academic. When comparing with traditional classes online classes become difficult not only to a learner but also to a facilitator. A rapid change took place in different places. It’s a known thing that facilitators as well as learners are very much comfortable with traditional classes. Sudden closing of educational institutions throws the faculty to a situation to run virtual classes. It’s a big task to the teachers to adopt the new thing. Vast number teachers who are not habituated with the technology they got habituated with new mode and trying to give their best to the learners. But it is not an easy task to a person who is having Technophobia. Teachers got accustomed with the sharing and explaining of material with the help of PPT which is existing. This paper makes everyone thinks about the present situation and gives a new strategy to make involve students even in virtual classes. Keywords: Language Learning labs, Technology, Virtual classes, Technophobia, Traditional Classes, Strategies.
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