• Dr. M. Sivakala


Ecofeminism, the term is coined by the French writer Francoise d’ Eaubonne in her book Le Feminisme Ou La Mort (1974).Many feminists have explored different approaches to the term ecofeminism as they agree ecology as a feminist issue. The term explicates the undeniable connection between the subordination of women and the oppression of nature. The ecofeminists examine the exploitation of women and nature as they are interlinked with one another. This paper focuses on the perception of ecofeminism in Anita Desai’s select novels. Anita Desai presents her women characters in the novel reacting strongly, courageously and sensitively against the patriarchal society. She examines the inner life and feelings of the women and portrays the lack of warmth in their marital relationship and their alienation in the family life. Her central female characters Maya in Cry, The Peacock (1963) Sita in Where Shall We Go This Summer (1975), Nanda Kaul inFire on the Mountain(1977) experience psychic pressures by male chauvinism and develops close association with nature. The writer points out the injustice faced by women and nature is identical and the study analyses the novels in terms of ecofeminism. Keywords: Perception, explicate, patriarchal, exploitation, oppression.
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