• Chinnah Promise Chinwe


Godfatherism in Nigerian political system has been a matter of serious discussion and concern for many years as it’s impart is of great concern to democracy and national development since the beginning of this fourth republic. Godfatherism has existed in Nigerian prior to independence but has changed dramatically in its approach and operations in this fourth republic. This paper gave a detail conceptual analysis of godfatherism and good governance. The paper made use of secondary data and adopted Elite theory as its theoretical framework using content analysis. The paper examined why godfatherism has been on the increases despite constitutional provisions, electoral laws and reforms for free and fair election. The nexus between godfaherism and governance was established. The study revealed that godfatherism is a cog in the wheel of democracy and development; it is inimical to democratic ethos and ethics, it is against good governance and development, it encourages mediocrity in governance, leads to corruption, embezzlement, frictions, litigations, destructions and defection which are not good for democracy and development. The paper concluded with recommendations on how the menace of godfather can be curb in Nigeria not only in the political arena but in all other field of human endeavor which includes, sensitization and reorientation of the masses, strong institutional framework , accountability and transparency, political parties to be founded by government and nomination form money be reduced, independent of electoral body and the judiciary, strong anti graft agency to monitor the political elites activities strictly.
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