• Dheeraj Nigam, Professor Purushottam Kumar Sahu


In this research finite element simulation and the optimization of the cutting process parameter had done using different cutting tool material. All 31 experiment design and analyzes into the response surface method and all this experiment were project into the simulation environment using Ansys 19.1, a the process parameter outlet pressure, Viscosity, Density and normal Speed are taken into the consideration as a input parameters. Anova analysis as it is clear that three different method were used in these table one is linear and second one is square and the final one is 2 way interaction, in the linear model one can show the relationship between the output variable with individual input hence in our case the output is Absolute pressure for Blade, Hub and Shroud, so in the linear model the relationship between the Absolute pressure and the outlet pressure or the relation between the Absolute pressure And all the individual component, one in the second method of the square the relation between the Absolute pressure or the effect of the individual multiply by its own and shows the effect on the output or in other word the effect of the outlet pressure* outlet pressure is shown on the response Absolute pressure . Finally in third method of 2 way interaction the effect of the two individual variables simultaneously shown on the response. The value for the R-sq is 90.92% which show that there is strong relationship between the input and the output variables. Index Terms: Ansys software, Absolute pressure (Blade) and the Absolute pressure (HUB, Ansys Fluid flow (CFX).Taguchi method, response method.
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