• Miss Shanu Rathore, Prof. Mayur Singi


Concrete is a building material which is a mixture of cement and some other materials. The characteristic of concrete is that it gradually becomes solid and hard after mixing with water. This process is called hydration. In this chemical reaction, water reacts with cement to form a hard stone-like substance in which other things bind. Concrete is used in road making, pipe making, building construction, foundation making, bridge etc. The use of concrete dates back to 2000 BC. It's been happening since. The properties of concrete depend on the material from which it is made, but mainly on the material used for bonding stone, ballast etc. Before the invention of Portland cement in the 19th century, only lime was available for this purpose, but now lime concrete is used only where there is no need for more strength. Cement-concrete is used for greater strength. Cement concrete hardened with steel can also be used in places where cracking or bending is likely, such as in beams or pillars. Concrete is a very useful element.
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