• Dr. Anjana Jadon Dr. Manorama Yadav, Dr. Maya Verma


Nature has given women too much power, the law gives them too little.” Women are the forerunner of society and play an important role in society, in all fields of life, without their contribution no society can nurture properly. As stated by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1944 that “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you”. The changing roles of women in India have led to their greater contribution in the employment sector and changes in many aspects of Indian life. The typical Indian family today is the dual-earner family. Women are now employed in previously male-dominated fields such as professional, law, sports, the military, law enforcement, firefighting and top-level corporate positions. Indian Working women spend less time maintaining the home then they did in last decade. To balancing work-family of working women is very important. To balances work and family the women have to plan their career effectively. The good work plus family balance includes the priorities fixing by working women, awareness of current working position and environment, bring upto- date latest technology, fix plan such a manner that enough time with family, improve the area when and where required and observing self-performance. Women aren’t just spending money; they are earning it. Currently in a large number of households, the woman is the primary breadwinner.

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