• Ankita Laad, Sheetal Vijayvargiya


Abstract- Natural language processing (NLP) is a part of communication between user and system in which process we can communicate system. The basic process of NLP is human is communicate to system best example of NLP is Google assistant, in which we can say Google to any instruction to human language and system is convert into binary language, and Google show the result according to requirement. In NLP we have basic two components to check the what the human speak. In this process we use the programming language to use the communication between user and system like c, c++, java. In this we can use a compiler to check the given instruction is write or wrong, in this phase we check the proper structure and check the gammer rules. For example Google new launch Google duplex, this is the best example of NLP. In this paper we give an overview of the current trends in NLP and discuss the possible applications of traditional AI techniques and their combination in this fascinating area. Challenges in NLP frequently involve speech recognition, natural language understanding and natural language generation. Keywords: Natural language processing, Google duplex, NLUNLG.
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