• Sonu Ahirwar, Dheeraj Mourya, Akash Mishra, Kamalendra Verma


Abstract- Virtual shopping has turned out to be a new trend of shopping nowadays and is quickly becoming an important part of the lifestyle. Due to the extensive range of internet access by people and e-commerce usage by merchants/sellers, online shopping has seen massive growth in recent years. Young individuals have been popular customers online and thus this study finds out the attitude of youth towards online shopping. This particular paper tried to determine whether there is any impact of five factors like internet literacy, gender, educational qualification, website usability and online product price on online shopping. The study was undertaken among the students of Assam University. The results of the study underlined that there is a significant relationship between online shopping with gender, internet literacy, and online product price. Similarly, the study also highlighted that there is not any substantial relationship between online shopping with education and website usability. Keywords: Online shopping, digital payment, security, multiple options for a product (such as colour, design etc.).
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