• Sunita Kumari, Anurag Tamrakar


This paper presents renewable energy, power electronics, and distributed generators. The focus is on wind farm generator, photovoltaic cell, and battery bank system. Power Conditioning system improves the performance of a power system. Apart from the benefits of converting between DC/AC, there is adequate control of real power and additional control of economic reactive power. This is possible because of multiple sources in the system. This project throws light on the basic principle of power system conditioning, its operation and control, and the economic studies. Keywords: Photovoltaic cell, power distribution, reactive power, power conditioning.
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Sunita Kumari, Anurag Tamrakar. (1). MICRO GRID POWER CONDITIONING SYSTEM. ACCENT JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS ECOLOGY & ENGINEERING ISSN: 2456-1037 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL IF:7.98, ELJIF: 6.194(10/2018), Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal, UGC APPROVED NO. 48767, 5(9), 62-66. Retrieved from http://ajeee.co.in/index.php/ajeee/article/view/779