• Ankita Goyal Aparna Banik


Abstract- Nature plays an important role in the construction of human’s daily life and when nature and literature combines together it even gives more options for the betterment of the people. Many writers have contributed in the field of nature by writing about its beauty and a need of it for the survival of all living beings. No literary work is complete without talking about nature and its effects whether it is in the form of beauty or disaster. This paper shows their going hand in hand and contributing for each other equally. As time passes, thinking, mentality and ideas also transform and these affect both nature and literature. By this paper how nature and literature help each other to stand together and try their level best in contributing throughout can be seen and the impact they leave over society by showing their importance will be discussed by taking some of the writers work into consideration. It can be seen that when writing about nature one cannot just write about its presence but what impact it has on the society and what will happen if nature gets destroyed is also been researched thoroughly. Many essays, poems and stories related to nature are being written from centuries for its conservation. Today’s writers also show interest in travelling all the way just for gathering information about nature and mix it with their characters life to give it an adventurous effect. This plays a great role to understand nature and its beauty with an essence of literature in it. This is a never ending relation which can be better understood in this paper. Keywords: Beauty, Human, Literature, Nature, Throughout.
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