• Dr. Mumuksha Jain


Abstract- Every general public needs that its kids get an attractive arrangement of qualities. The objective of training in each nation is the advancement of attractive qualities. Clearly, it is essential to know about what esteems are held by its school understudies. What sort of qualities do they have? Such information is basic to plan curricular encounters for the accomplishment of the destinations of instruction which the general public needs to figure. We see today the crumbling in the public arena. One reason for the crumbling is clashing qualities, ground. On the off chance that we experience history we find that the general public is evolving quickly. The effect of the West has achieved changes in it. The Western perspectives, dressing and conduct affected the Indians. Qualities have social, mental, monetary, other worldly and philosophical perspectives. They have a wide effect. Not a solitary essential activity in life of an individual can be said to be valueless. In the event that qualities are great, life will be serene and helpful, if values are unfortunate, life will be difficult and undesirable. Keywords: Value based Education, Literacy and Crime Rate.
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