• Shamshad Ahmad, Rishi Choubey


The software environment implements application developments and compilation process and hardware units implement user logic or behavior synthesis. Embedded systems have used some specific constraints such as real time design metrics are a measurement of an application features such as Cost, Size, Power and High Performances. Reactive and real time design metrics required to implement the computing results which used in real time environments without any delay.Recently, research into the field of Automatic Meter Reading System has continued to receive much attention in academia. Traditional Electro-mechanical meters where used to measure the energy consumption. It is an analog meter where readings are noted in person and were taken to Electricity board station where the bill is generated for the consumption. AMR is a mechanism whereby the Energy meter sends the recorded power consumption of a household in certain interval of time to a “wirelessly” connected reader, which could be a personal computer. The reading were noted in a database and the bill will be generated.
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