• Dr. Mona Jaiswal, Dr. Pratima Upadhyay


Since autonomy, India has seen gigantic development and extension of schooling at all levels which owes to the powerful necessities of its kin just as the requests of quick globalization. Nonetheless a few differences actually exist in the field of training which prevents the general advancement. There is helpless portrayal of individuals from minority networks, especially Muslims, the SCs, the STs, and ladies at the instructive front. The Government of India has been ceaselessly endeavoring towards wiping out these inconsistencies, and to elevate openness to an interest in schooling. Significant drives are being taken to advance comprehensiveness at all degrees of schooling and work on instructive quality. The definition of the New National Policy on Education is perhaps the most encouraging drives taken by the current government to further develop the norm of training in the country. The current article illuminates certain issues and concerns identified with schooling and it advances certain proposals which should be thought of while conceiving the New National Policy on Education. Keywords: Issues and Disparities in Education.
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