• Saloni Malviya, Shreyaa Sharma, Purva Choudhary, Er. Sheetal Vijayvargiya


Abstract- This paper goes a step further to find which learning resources do adult e-learners prefer to learn from, to complete a course successfully. In this paper we discuss how E-learning works in college. We make this project college based means this will work on local area like a college. This will aid in adopting an instructional style, which is consistent with their learning style. Every student will have to create their account on this. And then he will be able to login to his account and watch the video lectures. In addition, the paper aims to find the essential attributes of online learning course that will ensure its success among adult learners. Some of the findings were that, online and distance education courses are preferred by full time employees who wish to improve their work performance, most e-learners learn by experimenting and feeling, videos are the most preferred resources and they should be long in length. Keywords:- Visual Studio C#, SQL.
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