It Aims To Give A Research Summary On The Application Of Data Mining In The CRM Domain And Techniques

Rohit Thapa


These articles could provide insight to organization policy makers on the common data mining practices used in retaining customers. This study might have some limitations. Firstly, this study only surveyed articles published between 2000 and 2006, which were extracted based on a keyword search of ‘‘customer relationship management” and ‘‘data mining”. Articles which mentioned the application of data mining techniques in CRM but without a keyword index could not be extracted. Secondly, this study limited the search for articles to 7 online databases. There might be other academic journals which may be able to provide a more comprehensive picture of the articles related to the application of data mining in CRM. Lastly, non-English publications were excluded in this study. We believe research regarding the application of data mining techniques in CRM have also been discussed and published in other languages.

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