Previous Studies Of Csfs For KM Implementation Have Been Heavily Focused On Large Companies.

Shana Khan


A broad range of factors that can influence the success of KM implementation has been mentioned in the literature. For example, much has been stated about culture, information technology (IT) and leadership as important considerations for its accomplishment. However, no systematic work exists on characterizing a collective set of CSFs for implementing KM in the SME sector. An appropriate set of CSFs which are relevant for SMEs will help them to keep in mind the important issues that should be dealt with when designing and implementing a KM initiative. CSFs can be defined as “areas in which results, if they are satisfactory, will ensure successful competitive performance for the organization” (Rockart, 1979). Saraph et al. (1989) viewed them as those critical areas of managerial planning and action that must be practiced in order to achieve effectiveness. In terms of KM, they can be viewed as those activities and practices that should be addressed in order to ensure its successful implementation. These practices would either need to be nurtured if they already existed or be developed if they were still not in place.

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