Nagendra Rao Howji1, Sharada Allamneni2 Ajit Kumar Pradhan3 and Vijaya Kumar Chavan4


Abstract:- English Language plays a pivotal role for students in higher education in India for primarily two reasons; academic and professional. Due to its highly utilitarian needs, English language is an integral part of university education system, especially technical universities where students need proficiency in English for success in their studies and later obtaining a desired job. Keeping these language needs in mind, the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education), India has proposed model curriculum to be followed to impart English language teaching to the institutions under its purview. The present study intents to find out commonalities and differences in English language curriculum of five private universities in Andhra Pradesh, India. Further, it aims to present how far each university follow the ‘model’ curriculum proposed by the AICTE. An in-depth descriptive analysis has been carried out to find out similarities and differences in English language syllabi of the five private universities in comparison with the model AICTE curriculum. The results highlight that although many universities deviate from the model curriculum, there is a uniform content of English language curriculum across the universities.

Keywords: Language curriculum evaluation and AICTE.

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