Design of a Multi-Commodity Holder for Motorbikes

Abhinav Ghosh,a Prof. Amit dixit


The paper deals with the design and fabrication mulit- commodity holding device. Using the concept of morphology, the product is extracted from the need of a common person in Indian scenario. There is a consistent need of a multipurpose carrying device which helps a common person who uses a two-wheeler for daily transportation specially a motor bike for holding objects like LPG cylinder and other common objects. The method used to for achieving the target is done using the general model of design given by Shigley. For which a CAD software is used to model the concept. Then the stability and feasibility of the design is checked by the FEMbased solver for known boundary conditions. The same model has been then fabricated using the general manufacturing techniques like Sheet metal and welding process. The model has been tested on road using a filled LPG cylinder. It has been observed that the existing model perform well within the given boundary conditions. Further changes may be required if the model of the motor bike changes.

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