Alka Pandey, Dr. Manisha Pandey


God not live at earth, why? Because he gives mother and father for us. Actually when he thought, how I can be there for everyone every time than he find the solution of mother and father. A parent has power of God to build individuality inside every human.

The mentality of parents to upbringing their child affect the personality of child. The actions, rules, guidelines and responses of parents towards their girl child create an image on mind about her life. Parents have to boost up their girl child’s self-esteem. They have to set limits and be consistence with the discipline. They have to be a good role model for her; they have to provide communication freedom and unconditional love. They have to aware of her needs and fixed the limitations as parents. Parents should behave as a friend, because with friends she will be more comfortable to tell about her problems.

Parents should not compare their child with others because every child has their own special quality. They have only to focus to build a good character and better personality and make child mentally and physically strong, so they can help and secure themselves.

Keywords: self-esteem, mentality, upbringing, guidelines, discipline, friendship, personality, unconditional love, mentally and physically strong.

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