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 Stress has become one of the most talked about issues related to employees and their productivity. More and more people are becoming aware about stress and putting efforts to handle, manage or avoid stress. Most of the modern day professions have challenges like extended working hours, role overlap, multi tasking, relocation, role mismatch and job insecurity. Professionals often consider switching to a less stressful job but sometimes entry barriers in other industries and huge competition makes it difficult for them. Ongoing discussions on stress in public domain have made people aware about  stress but they also need to be aware about various challenges of other industries before making a move in their career. This paper has thus tried to compare the perceived stress among the professionals of telecom, BFSI, IT and academics, the perception towards opting  alternative career(s) of their preference, and the factors affecting the same. The perceived scale stress by Cohen was used in the study and the responses were taken from the respondents belonging to all these sectors and to various age groups.

Key Words: Perceived Stress, Professionals, Workload, Relocation.

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