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Abstract:- As we know that the life cannot be imagined without water, Water quality in lake frameworks is significant in light of the fact that it keeps up the environmental procedures that help biodiversity. Due to environmental changes like global temperature, biodiversity, deforestation, colonization etc. most of lakes in Jabalpur city are dried or on the way to deform. For better living environment or life sustainable environment good water quality resources are must be examined time to time. At a time Jabalpur was the city containing 52 lakes; however at present 13 of them are totally dried up, whereas rest are in a dying condition. Moreover the city’s drinking water supply is mainly limited to Khandari Lake and Narmada River. Also as we are living in a time where water is the most important asset to our society, this thesis work is associated with the problems identifications and water quality assessments in usage of water of these lakes.

Keywords:- Environment Pollution, Water Pollution, Water quality, Remedies IS: 10500, pH, hardness, total solids, total suspended solids, residual chlorine, alkalinity, turbidity, BOD, dissolved oxygen, chloride.

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