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Abstract:- The Indian economy is getting reward of waiting, as the PM Modi has come up with a surprising and effective announcement to boost the Indian ecosystem as well as to reduce the unemployment by coming up with a revolutionary action to be handled by the majority out of the competent population that is the youngsters who have the mind which possess the ideas out of the box as well as the courage to rule the world by being leader and walking the path with those who have similar mind but dissimilar ideas unlike others. The aim of this research paper is to make people aware about the ingenious action plan and the land of opportunity, being provided to utilise their skill as well as to uplift the Indian economy. The idea is to get more people connected to it and get benefitted because many of us are not well recognising its significance due to lack of acquaintance and this action plan can bring a tremendously wide ranging triumph to the country.

Keywords:- Start up India, Unemployment, Entrepreneurship, Angel Tax, Incubator Grand Challenge.

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