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In present scenario, almost every field of science is concerned with the use of nanoparticles which are having unique activities due to high surface to volume ratio. Synthesis of these nanoparticle may follow conventional routs governed by a rich set of physical or chemical methodologies like-thermal evaporation, sputtering, glow discharge growth, rapid oxidation of metal ion, hydrothermal, solvothermal colloidal growth, sol-gel procedure, chemical vapour deposition,Spray pyrolysis, electrodeposition, electrospinning and carbothermal reduction processes etc. but as all these conventional methodologies involves either tedious technologies with use of hazardous chemicals or higher energy utilization, thus to move toward an eco-friendly approach in cost effective manner, greener synthesis is introduced for nanoparticle synthesis which utilizes some environmentally safe reagents like plant extracts, agrowaste, micro-organisms, biocatalytical agents etc. for the synthesis purpose. The use of greener approach of nanoparticle synthesis has become more beneficial when some plant based materials were introduced as precursors, which further helped to manage the solid waste and provide a way to the solution of pollution to some extent. In present manuscript a comparative study is done to analyze the different aspects of conventional and greener methodologies for nanoparticle synthesis.

Keywords; Nanoparticle Synthesis, Conventional/Greener Methods

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